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I am Or Shahar,
and I am here to create an amazing brand design for you.

When we work together, you don't just get "somebody how can to do your website."
You get a complete and long-term solution for your business from somebody who really cares about your work.
It doesn't matter if you are just setting up shop or is already a veteran in your field.

All of my packages are tailored to your own individual wants and needs,
but they all contain:

  • a brand guideline to keep everything consistent and professional.
  • a logo design/ redesign.
  • a website that looks great on all devices.
  • a basic social media kit that is really easy to edit.

If you are ready:

Let's talk and get started

But if you want to know more, here are some examples of what we can do together:


The characters, names, and events in this presentations are fictional.
Any resemblance or similarity to any actual events, entities, or persons,
whether living or dead is entirely coincidental.

a Brand new Brand

a Brand
new Brand

Little Garden Café

Find out More See the Websitelittle garden Facebook profile picture

Daniel and Alba were just building their Café and needed a complete solution for their branding.
They just needed to approve the designs, and I took care of the rest.


Jasmine in a box

Jasmine wanted to take her small business to a new level.
We gave the company a new and shiny look while making it more functional.

See the WebsiteJasmine in a box logo Find out more

upgrading from DIY

from DIY

upward facing dog

Hodaya wanted to extend her work to the international market.
We redid and polished all of her branding work, and now she is ready to conquer the world.

Find out moreupward facing dog logo version 1
 See the website

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